Dances and tunes


These are ‘our’ dances. Some we learned from other sides, some we made up.
There are videos of lots of these on our Facebook page and on YouTube.

Apple Bower – a long dance which makes performers simultaneously sweaty and thirsty. The first dance written by Armaleggan.

Brimfield – the one which makes maiden aunts blush. A traditional dance recorded at Brimfield

Dilwyn – A dance with light and shade from Dilwyn. A good one for the audience to join in. A traditional dance developed by Siluran Morris Men*

Drunken Idiot – for our Foreman and Squire. From the Basset St. Hounds*

Evesham – a challenge to keep our lines as straight as the rows in the fruit orchards of the Vale. A traditional dance.

Feathers – a Cotswold dance from Eynsham because they are lovely boys.

Four Candles – or ‘andles for forks? In honour of Ronnie Barker. From*!*

Hay-on-Wye – from the actual Border. A homily to the, er, literary intellectual foundations of the side. Literally taught to us by ex-members of Cry havoc*

Kinghts Templar – sword play in honour of the bankers. Dead ones, from the Middle Ages, of course. Taught to us by Plum Jerkin Morris*

Mucky Duck – don’t live in a farmyard if you don’t want to get your feathers muddy. From*!*

Ninepin – a new dance for nine… a daring innovation from our Squire Phil.

Northern Star – heavenly bodies in motion. From the Basset St. Hounds*

Round the Wrekin – a big hill in Shropshire – can’t go over it, can’t go under it, gotta go round it. Taught to us by the good folks of Hunters Moon*.

Rose of the Warren – about the ‘forgotten rabbit’ in Watership Down. From*!*

Shepherds Hey – happy clappy joining-in dance for kids of all ages. A traditional dance from Bledington*.

Smithy – hammer and tongs commemorating the industrial revolution in the Welsh Border counties. Taught to us by Alvechurch Morris*

Spires – because we like Oxford. Written by our Squire Phil.

Titterstone Clee – tittering from the ancient fortifications on ghostly Clee Hill in Shropshire. From Red Stag Morris*

TheWhirl – makes you dizzy after a couple of ciders. Taught to us by the great Alvechurch Morris*

Up the Hurst – One of our own dances written by Angie Hirst (no relative) in honour of our local hill where we celebrate Mayday – when we are up, we are up, and …

On special occasions like May Day and the solstices we also dance with FIRE.



Dots for most of our dances are below. We’ll add more in the fullness of time.

Some of the titles are dance names, some are tune names. We don’t always play the tunes exactly as they are written. Obviously.

If you want to hear the tunes you can find them (and gazillions of others) at


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